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Your smile is the way to Happiness! Elizabeth Dental Care is at the forefront of using the latest research, methods and technology in order to help their patients achieve their desired smile. For over 20 years Dr. Barragan and his staff have been dedicated to this goal. So SMILE! You’re in good hands.

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Meet Dr. Carlos Barragan

Dr. Carlos Barragan graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry in 1994. In 1997, he did a post-graduate program in Orthodontics and in 2007, Implant Dentistry.  With the advancement of Cosmetic Dentistry, he stays updated on the new techniques, materials and equipment in the market in order to offer patients the best quality service.

Dr. Barragan is also a member of the following organizations:

Dr. Barragan’s patients are aware of his passion for dentistry.  This is the reason why his patients and their families, for many generations, return to his clinic. His latest studies in dentistry have created a new opportunity for people who have been unhappy with their teeth for years. Patients can lead happier and more successful lives due to their new and beautiful smiles!

Elizabeth Dental Care follows L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology to organize, improve and ensure the efficiency, quality of service and high level of ethics in his practice. This technology is used to help our communities to find clear solutions for daily living. Dr. Barragan is a member of “The Way to Happiness Foundation” and the “Citizen Commission on Human Rights.”  These organizations help people to make the right choices and live a happy life with the resources that they have.

Dr. Barragan is also involved in a variety of different community activities. He is the Vice President of “Peruvian Parade, Inc.” a non-profit organization that celebrates Peruvian Independence Day with numerous cultural activities for Peruvian and other Hispanic communities. The goal of this organization is to preserve, maintain and disseminate the cultural values of Peru and to promote active participation, development and progress of the entire Peruvian community in New Jersey.

Meet Elizabeth Dental Care Staff

Dental Hygienist- Melissa Calderon


Dental Assistant-Perla Cedano


Dental Assistant -Milagro Marin


Schedule Coordinator/Receptionist – Dulce Martin


Public Relations Officer- Roxana Esquivel


Maria Barragan- Financial Coordinator